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Buyers Read 3 – 5 pieces of content before speaking to you, what does your marketing say about you?

We’re told, we’re exposed to over 2,000 pieces of advertising, we don’t like to be interrupted and we don’t like cold calling…

The truth is we just don’t have time to read all the available content (or is that just me!)
It is no surprise then that 80% of content is never read!
Somethings haven’t changed, people like to deal with people they trust and only buy when they have a need for your product or services.

Flash back to 2002, probably the biggest pitch of my life, and one I will never forget! We’d done our research, we’d produced a WOW presentation, we sat down and started our spiel… then we were interrupted “You’ve had the brief, we know you are capable for delivering the job, we know who you are, what you do, you wouldn’t be in this room otherwise. I want to know more about you. Not your experience, I know that too…I want to know how you two met, you’ve been working together for 6 years, we want to work with a team for the next 3 years, so tell us about your relationship, why and how you came to be working together”.  This was when the passion and belief in what we did shone through. I learnt a big lesson that day and we won the pitch 😉

Now researching nearly every decision we make is a way of life, whether that’s online or speaking to our network before making any decision. By the time we make that decision to connect we’re on the hook.

90% of people search online before they make a decision on a brand

If buyers read 3 – 5 pieces of content before speaking to you think about the last 5 pieces of content you read, shared, listened to and saved – ask yourself why?

Now ask the same question of the last 5 pieces of content you have produced how does it benefit your customers, does it:

  • Get The Buyers Attention
  • Create Interest / Desire
  • Have a Strong Call to Action

Think customer benefits rather than features, what are you selling, does it answer a need or want, does it present a solution to a buyer’s problem?

There are so many stats surrounding B2B marketing, a google search will give you all the facts and figures you need, but it’s your marketing and how it impacts on your business that you need to focus on.

If you haven’t already read our blog from last week check out Steve’s predications for the rest of the year and if you would like to talk through some of your ideas contact us we’d be happy to talk through your vision over a coffee.


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