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Successful design starts with joined-up thinking and planning…
Your business needs a long-term game plan. A clearly defined strategy,
a blueprint for your project, will be the key to the success of your
marketing, and ultimately your business.

We always think from the perspective of your customer; we need to
understand your customer journey. We talk through and examine
your needs, we review your customer data; existing research you have,
google analytics and insights.

We will help you to work out where you want to be, and the steps you
should take to get there. And if you find yourself veering off course?
We’ll be here for you, measuring your progress and ensuring you get
back on track.

Your strategic plan and your customer data helps unleash the power of
creativity and informs and empowers our creative vision.

So how do you determine the plan…
Your plan is a vital part of the creative process. Having a full
understanding of your products, services and customers will help us
maximise value and results for you:

  • What are you selling/providing
  • What is special about your product/services
  • Who are you targeting
  • What do you know about your audience
  • What does your audience know about you
  • How are you connecting with your customers
  • What does your current content/existing collateral do for you
  • Why should people buy from you
  • Who are your competition
  • What does success look like
  • Who are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • What resources do you have in place
  • Timings/deadlines
  • Price/budget

“Really really like it, the website looks amazing, thank you so much, it’s exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t really know what I wanted!”.

Karl Business Owner

“I work with Five Talents because I can be guaranteed a fast turnaround, competitive pricing and an adaptable service. There aren’t many agencies who can respond so quickly and produce such great quality communications”.

Carla Marketing Manager

"It’s been great working with Ade and team at Five Talents, the quality of design and how they produced our brand was a great process, they thoroughly understand our businesses and charity. "

Dave CEO

“Once again you have blown me away with your response to my brief – with an incredibly tight deadline you nailed the creative without compromise – thank you!”

Zoe Marketing Manager

"Thank you to Five Talents Creative Design for giving our branding the shake-up it needed - next stop, the website!"

Jess Eastwood BA (Hons) MSc Group Marketing Coordinator

"Responsive, flexible and creative are words that come to mind in terms of service"

Emma Hogarth-Smith, Marketing Services Manager, Parkdean Resorts

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