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Snapshot of Users on Social Media

Are you on the right channel for your business?

User numbers

4Chan: 27.7 million
Airbnb: 150 million users
Facebook: 2.449 billion users
Flickr: 60 million users
Google+: 111 million users (RIP)
Instagram: 1bn users
LinkedIn: 660 million users
MySpace: 15 million users
Periscope: 10 million users
Pinterest: 265 million users
Reddit: 430 million monthly users
Snapchat: 210 million daily users
TikTok: 500 million users
Twitter: 145 million daily users
WeChat: 1 billion users
Weibo: 600 million users
WhatsApp: 1.6 billion users
YouTube: 1.9 billion users

Find the channels your customers are using and share content your audience want.

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