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Is buying on price always the best policy?

The buying process is a complex beast for us all, we all want to get the best value, price and service for our buck.

But what price do you put on having to buy twice or not getting it right first time?

We all get a buzz from a bargain and some products/services are price driven but when it comes to value, great service and quality generally we’re not looking in the discount section or searching in the cheap arena.

We live in a world where we can connect with whoever we want, when we want, for business or pleasure…the scope is endless for products and services.

Choosing the right supplier or product for you involves a lot more than a google search and requesting a quote.

Choosing the right company is generally based on several strategic decisions; value, reliability, experience, quality of product and service to name a few.

Having a strategic approach to finding a product or service can help you when making your purchase, how that impacts on your customers is down to you. Choose your suppliers based on the outcomes you want to achieve and your requirements.

Let’s face it you’re investing your time in finding suppliers or products (often speaking to a number of companies), you’re probably working on a Good Better Best policy, making the right choice first time will save you time and money in the long run.

We’ll ensure we fully understand your requirements and discuss how we can help you deliver your project before we provide costs. Our briefing process is in place to make sure you get your job right first time, as the saying goes “you’re only as good as your brief!”

A creative will take your brief and budget with one objective, to deliver the best solution for you. We prefer to ask “what budget allowance do you have for the project, at briefing stage as this helps us understand the project value to you and your business, so we don’t come back with ideas that don’t reflect what you are looking for from your creative design project.

Any agency worth their salt will do their research, we gain as much information as we can about you, your customers and invest time in fully immersing ourselves in your business ensuring our work benefits your company. Our creative design team become an extension of your business, passionate about the work we do for you, we take our work personally (we’re a sensitive bunch!) as we’re involved to make your project a success.

As a valued customer you reap the rewards of value-added service, what price can you put on a dedicated team who only want to provide you with the best service and deliver a product that you are proud of.

If you’d like to know more about our policy, costs and approach please do get in touch, it all starts with a chat.

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