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Finding that balance between work and studies…

“The last 6 months working at Five Talents have been challenging but also a lot of fun and very rewarding, on top of this I have also been studying for my masters degree in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Huddersfield. Finding that balance between work, studies and everything else in between has been difficult but everyone at Five Talents has been really supporting and understanding of my situation.

Working as part of the team at Five Talents has been good for me personally because it has allowed me to transfer my skills learnt at university in to the professional environment at Five Talents, whether that’s working on individual projects or with other members of the Five Talents team. Also I feel the experience of working as part of the Five Talents team has helped with my confidence and communication skills when I am working on group projects at University, allowing me to take a more active role in the whole process.

Working in this professional environment has allowed me to put everything I learnt at University into practice, whilst also helping me to improve myself, my knowledge and skills and my career prospects through both work and University.”

Ryan Colley, Web Developer

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