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5 Things To Look For When Hiring Creative Designers

The biggest challenges faced by business owners and the teams we work with are managing increasing workloads and resources. Managing growth within your business and team is challenging!

These days when we’re looking for a new product or service, we wouldn’t consider making any purchase without doing our own online research, speaking to our network for recommendations and/or checking out reviews.

There’s a lot of really good creative designers producing great work in our industry, their portfolio and experience is important but often this is only part of the process when looking for a creative designer, great design simply isn’t enough. And, it’s sometimes difficult when you’re looking at a portfolio to understand time and investment spent on a project.

You want to make sure you’re engaging with creatives who can work to your expectations and with your team.

1. Before you set-up a meeting or send a brief, speak to them. Do they sound like people you’d want to work with?
2. Invite them to an introduction face to face meeting. How interested are they in your business?
3. How do they collaborate on projects? Are they team players?
4. What’s their creative process? How involved will you (the Client) be in the project?
5. Do they have the capacity and desire to deliver your project? How valued is your business to them?

A final tip….ask to speak / meet the person(s) who would be doing the work for you – if you’ve done your research you should be able to get this from their website or LinkedIn page ?

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