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How much work goes into the Creative Process?

A lot more than you may think.

“I had no idea you go into so much detail with a projects, I thought it was just a quick design and print job”

[guest at our creative brief writing work shop]

Yes, our creatives do put a lot of work into making sure we fully understand the brief we are being asked to consider. Mostly, we work on a project by project basis but whether it’s a branding project, ad campaign, a leaflet, brochure, POS, website or social campaign we still follow the same process.


We talk through and examine your needs.


We research what paths others are taking.


We put our heads together to generate great ideas.


We propose a bespoke, creative approach.


We deliver your message through the right channels.

As any creative agency worth their salt, we put the ground work in to ensure our designers have the detail they need to deliver the best creative solutions for you.

Every project is different; however, each project is given the same time and consideration from the start.

Our starting point is to drill down into the detail to help formulate the creative brief. Getting the brief right may take time but that upfront investment will save you time and money in the long run.

Putting our heads together helps inspire ideas and our creative team can then start to develop the best creative solutions and strategy for you…a bespoke creative approach to implement through the right channels.

A brief insight…

We take the time to review your data with you, your knowledge of your existing customers from:

Marketing / PR activity

Account Managers


Web traffic

Email Marketing

Social Media

Referrals / WOM (word of mouth)

Why? Knowing and understanding your customer is key. Knowing as much as we can about your customers helps ensure our creative solution will appeal, engage and connect with your customers to maximise communication.

We look at how your customers currently communicate with your business.

Day to day


Social Media

Referrals / WOM (word of mouth)

Why? We want to help you build on your successes. 

We review what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Why? We learn so much from past experiences, having that knowledge is powerful and helps drive creative success.

We learn how you measure success.




Reach / Follows / Impressions

Why? Information is key.

Inspired Ideas Get Results…