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5 Steps To The Creative Idea

Believe it or not creative agencies are process driven.

Yes, it’s true! We don’t just pluck an idea out of our creative heads and run with it – we’d quickly run out of ideas and go out of business if that was the case.

How we prepare for the BIG creative idea.

1. The Creative Idea Preparation

We need to gather as much information as we can about the product and service you wish to promote.

We immerse ourselves in your business, which could include; a site visit to understand the production process, speaking to your employees and even talking to your customers. Yes, it’s a lot of questions, listening and learning. Our ideas are inspired by the information we gather and extract from the knowledge we have gained from you and your business.

2. The Creative Idea Brainstorm

Before we come together to brainstorm ideas, we need “think time”. It’s time for our brains to digest all the information about you and your business.

Think time is invaluable to a brainstorm, some creatives go out for a walk, others lock themselves away in a quiet room but whatever the preference we need time to let the creative vibes flow and unlock our creativity.

The brainstorm is where the hard work and fun begins. No idea is discounted; our creative heads come together to thrash, challenge and smash out our ideas.

3. The Creative Idea Illumination

Yaaaay we’ve got the BIG creative idea! And we’re ready to develop it.

4. The Creative Idea Evaluation

This process can be brutal and this is where creatives must be thick skinned! We come together as a team to examine and query the BIG idea; what works or what doesn’t. We see if the BIG idea; has legs, meets the objectives, is strong enough, can be developed further/evolve and if it will get the desired results for the client.

If the answer is no, then it’s back to the drawing board.

5. The Creative Idea Elaboration

If, after the brutal evaluation process, our BIG idea stands up, it’s now time to develop the concept and pull the collateral together; copy, photography, design layout and create the artwork or digital files. Sounds simple but this is where the hard work kicks-in again, but it’s all worth it when you see your idea come to life.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your idea transform into a creative solution that works for your client and will be seen by 100’s, 1000’s or 1,000,000’s of people ?

We have a great idea…

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