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3 Reasons Creatives Need Holidays

Foodies, adrenalin junkies, culture vultures, explorers or sun worshipers, we all love our holidays!

You can’t beat that feeling of booking a holiday, whether it’s a few days or weeks off, a few days at home, staycation or trip overseas – we all love our time off work.

Our holidays give us the time to do many of the things our work routines restrict us from doing; spending time with friends and family, creating memories, sharing new experiences with our loved ones, trying new things, eating and drinking what we want, when we want.

In our industry creatives often experience “burn out”. Holidays give us time away from work to reset and recharge, getting us ready to start again.
1. Recharge

Balance between work and play is important to us. A holiday helps us reset, gets us ready for the next challenge, big idea and exciting project – keeping it fresh ?


2. Sleep

It’s difficult to switch off, we’re creatives after all and inspiration comes from all around us. Our hours of work often don’t reflect the hours our creative minds work. A creative head is always working; often late at night or early morning, refining ideas and creating concepts before the day to day project management work kicks in – sleep and being able to relax is key, we might not be able to switch off our creative heads completely but change is as good as a rest!


3. Inspiration

You’ll hear us talking a lot about “Inspiration comes from all around us” it’s true, we take inspiration from nature, music, fashion, culture, travel, trends and more. ‘Other’s’ often say “nothing is original these days” but ideas can be triggered from a memory, our creative heads use these experiences to inspire original ideas and content – the more experiences the better, bring on more holidays!

Whatever you are doing this Summer, have a great one – get inspired and have fun. #happyholidays #summerof❤️

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