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Tried and true tactics that will help you increase your google ranking

Every business wants their site to be visible by anyone who uses the internet. If you want to make your business take the lead through Google search, search engine optimisation or SEO should be the main focus of your campaign.

According to some studies, 93% of human activities on the internet begins with a search engine. The results showed on the first page of Google’s search has a 33% chance of getting visited by people. That means if your site is not landed on the number one spot of the page, you are missing a lot of potential traffic. The website that appears on the number one page is making an effort to improve their SEO. Good thing, there are proven and useful tactics you can use to increase your Google ranking.

Produce Relevant Content

To increase more traffic to your website, you need to create high-quality content that gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site. Your content needs to be informative, relevant, and up to date. Add specific keywords or phrases for each page. As much as possible try to highlight phrases by using bold, italics, and headings to make it look more interesting for your visitors. The business site that provides this kind of content increase ranking in Google search.

Add Links

When creating an article for your page, focus on putting appropriate links within the text. All links that will be associated with a word must be authoritative and trustworthy sites. You should also put links that are recent and updated. Many sites have been putting “click here” links to entice visitors to check their site, although this kind of tactic has no search engine value. However, this is not always the case. According to experts from, most companies rely on a basic and common strategy to try to land sites at Google’s top search, such as linking a phrase that is rich with keywords. Not only does it enhance your search ranking but it also establishes trust in your readers.

Create great metadata

Each website contains a set of information about the content that gives the user an idea about the link. It’s called the metadata. In order for you to create a good meta description, you need to make it descriptive. Insert keywords that are relevant to the page. If you have another page, make sure that each meta description is unique. Limit it to less than 160 characters. Some may say that this tactic is not essential to increase your ranking but it is still necessary from an SEO ranking point of view.

Enhance Speed

It is important to make sure that your page loads faster. You must monitor the loading speed and keep optimising it in the long run. Studies show that visitors will most likely find another site if the page takes longer to load. If your page is too slow, not just the visitor loses interest with your site but also Google will recognise your website’s irregularity and adjust your search ranking based on its algorithm. If you find your site is running slow, you may want to check your plugins or your server and transfer to a new one.

In order for your website to land in the number one spot of Google search, it requires a lot of your time and effort. Start with one thing and go on to another. There is no shortcut for search engine optimisation. These tactics are just here to help you get your goal. With the right balance of planning and effort, you might even reach the top search result on Google.

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