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Let’s Review Your Website and Digital Content Together

Website design, development and content management is straight forward, mostly. It’s the wrong approach that can make the process painful sometimes.

Here at Five Talents it’s our job to make the process run as smoothly as possible for our clients, so we thought we’d share with you how we’d approach a review with our clients.

We’re going to take you through the process we’d undertake when reviewing your website.

Right now in the current economic climate, if you want your website to do the job it was intended to do and you have the time/you’re able, you should be looking at your website content, your analytics, insights and data (enquiry and sales figures) as a minimum.

It’s a given now that your site should have an SSL Certification and work on multiple devices such as; desktop, laptops and mobile phones.

Your Website

Here’s where we’d start to formulate a plan or review an existing strategy with you.
It doesn’t have to be complicated; the website process is simple, let’s break it down:

What job do you want your website to do for you?
o Promote your brand
o Drive business growth; sales & inquiries
o Raise awareness of products and services
o Sell products (shop)

What’s your customer/user experience?
o How easy is it to navigate your site?
o How quickly can users get to the information/products they want?
It’s important your website layout is simple and organized, it’s no good having great products or services if users can’t find them.

Design and structure
o Does your site reflect your brand strategy?
o Your home page is your shop window; are your key messages in the window / above the fold? (Aim to get your key messages across instantly)
o When users land on your site do they quickly understand your company, what you can do for them and your value?

Content (Same goes for digital content)
o Does your content align with your brand strategy?
o Look at each individual section/piece of on-page content and ask yourself what job is that content trying to do.
o How does the on-page content benefit your customer/user.
o What is the key message on that page that will make users want to buy from you?
o What evidence have you presented the user/customer with to demonstrate your product is right or to convince them to buy?
o How have you backed that up what you’re telling the user and the benefits of your products/service e.g. reviews, testimonials, research, awards, industry accreditations etc.
o What do you want the customer to do after reading/seeing that piece of content?
 Tell them what to do, what’s the call to action?
 Email us, call us, check out the latest products, buy in-store now etc.

Build Your Network/Opt-In Offer
o What do you have to offer your users for them to want to sign-up for your company promotional emails?
o If you want user details, keep it simple, tell them the value of them providing their details and only ask for their name and email only. You don’t want to put people off. “Leave your email with us if you want us to let you know when xxx e.g. when new season stock is going to be live when we’re running a competition when we’re hiring etc.”

o Users may have questions about your products or services but are not ready to commit to taking action, a Frequently Asked Questions page is a great way to guide and help customers understand your business/products better.

Contact Info
o Don’t make it difficult for users to find your contact information.
o Make it clear how and when customers can contact you.
o Users are online 24/7 365 days, how do you make it easy for them to contact you outside your working hours?
 Call Centre
 Request A Callback
 Email
 WhatsApp

Updates and Ongoing Management
o How are you going to keep your site fresh – a blog?
 How often will it be updated?
 Who’s going to provide the content?
 Does your team require training?
o What are your KPIs for the site?
o Review your analytics, inquiries and sales figures on a regular basis i.e. monthly review.
o Learn from your failures and successes, tweak your plan and content accordingly.

We hope you have found our review process helpful. We wish you all the best, stay safe and well.